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Art for the People Gallery

Art for the People Gallery at 1711 South 1st St. in Austin is the new art space with a heart in the heart of South Austin. The bright new gallery is the site of the Share Art Heal inaugural fundraising event September 13th 2015.

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Art for the People, a gallery is a dream come true for philanthropist Deanna Serra who believes that “anyone can be a philanthropist!” She believes that giving back can show up in people’s lives in many ways. If a person has time, talent and a heart for giving, the result will be treasure. EVERYONE IS A PHILANTHROPIST!

Art for the people Gallery strives to be a place where artists and art lovers connect and come together as a community that inspires hope. Hope that empowers change in the world. AFTP is passionate about educating and giving back to those who are less fortunate and it takes pride in being a platform for change.

Art for the People Gallery provides a space without boundaries to express beauty, compassion and to do good through art – matching the way we live our lives. This is the true spirit of Austin, mixing and mingling ideas and people of all backgrounds.

In their beautifully curated space they feature art by artists from all walks of life, and through their relationships with many noble causes in Austin. They support the nonprofits that are making a difference.

Share Art Heal is grateful we have met Deanna and her incredible team at Art for the People. Our missions are the same, to expose people to the healing experience of art. Celebrate the Share Art Heal 1st Year Celebration Benefit with us at Art for the People Gallery Sunday September 13th 1:00-5:00.

Art for the People is a gallery and workshop whose purpose is to use the arts to help change lives for the better. They provide a venue for all artists, no matter what their situation, to show, share, and sell their work. The provide Austin a place where visitors through art and creative thoughts, can support and learn about the needs of our community.

Art for the People Gallery give a percentage of proceeds to organizations that support a cause. Featuring a unique and ever-changing display and sale of art, hand selected items and events year-round.

“Art is a global language. It builds bridges and unites people.” – Deanna Serra Art for the People Gallery 1711 South 1st St. Austin, TX 78740

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