• Jet Baker

Meet Nancy D.

Nancy D. is a Founding Share Art Heal Artist. Nancy is an artist at Arc of the Arts Studio. Nancy's full Share Art Heal page. She possesses a great amount of talent and focus, and produces beautifully detailed paintings.

She has patience as well, and often works on a particular piece for several sessions in order to ensure it has reached its full potential. Nancy says that creating art relaxes her, and many of her pieces exhibit a feeling of calm and tranquility because they focus on single moments in time occurring in a quiet setting. She likes to paint landscapes and portraits, and draws inspiration from magazines and scenery, as well as her imagination.

Arc of the Arts Studio & Gallery provides an artistic bridge between people with developmental disabilities and the community. They teach a variety of art forms to individuals with developmental disabilities. Clients sell their exceptional art in the gallery and also receive pre-employment skills training. In addition, they have museum-like souvenir items, featuring reproductions of some of our clients’ popular artwork via high quality prints. The Arc of the Arts is located at 4902 Grover Ave. Austin, Texas.


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