• Jet Baker

Art From the Streets 23rd Annual Art Sale

Saturday and Sunday was the 23rd Art From the Streets Art Show. It was my first time and I was gobsmacked. There were thousands and thousands of pieces of art. Each one was matted, priced, coded, labeled and sealed in plastic. Hours and hours, actually a year's worth of work. The money goes to the artists who were there to meet. The artists make most of their yearly income from this art show so they each had a years worth of art for sale. The Austin Convention Center was filled with trade show style booths and balloons. There were many well trained AFTS volunteers and great, fast check out which was great because there was a long line of folks buying art, bigs stacks of art.

I went both days. It's that good. Great art. Good prices.

This is Bennie Mujumbi Sorrells. His art was featured in the Share Art Heal 1st Year Celebration, our first art show, making Bennie a founding Share Art Heal Artist. I brought him some pastels and paper and I bought this piece. It's pastels on cardboard box. He often is creating on what most folks consider trash or recycling. Bennie was commissioned to create mural at the UT tower in the 80's. It was there until a recent remodel.

Congratulations Art From the Streets. Share Art Heal will be back at the open studio with a delivery of art supplies in January when the studio re-opens. Thank you Art From the Streets. I met a lot of people this weekend who you have helped some much for many years.

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