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A Working Group Actors Volunteer

Actors from A Working Group in Austin donated their time and creativity to design, package and personalize Share Art Heal Art Experience Kits for Dell Children's Medical Center, Ft. Hood's Resiliency Art Room and AGE of Central Texas. It was the first time our new Coloring Cards were produced at a big kit building day event with one of our community partners. We also made Silver Lining Bracelet, Greeting Card and Origami Art Experience Kits.

Actors brought their spouses, partners and kids. It was standing room only at the assembly tables. The resourseful, improvisationally inclined actors adapted quickly establishing sattelite assembly areas and a kids zone for serious creating and kit testing. We built kits and ate a lot of cookies Saturday. The actors from different classes had an opportunity to mingle with each other while giving back to the community. Each year 12-18 actors are invited to join the 2 year A Working Group acting program. There is continuing professional series for the actors after competion of the 2 years. Share Art Heal founder Jet Baker is A Working Group actor.

THANK YOU to the actors and Toni Brock and Sally Allen, Instructors of A Working Group. You've been supporters of Share Art Heal from the beginning, collecting art supplies for us. You've filled the green Share Art Heal tote in the lobby many times over the past 22 months since we were born. We are grateful and the people who receive the art supplies are too. And thanks for already inviting us to come back to do it all again! That's awesome. We're looking forward to it.

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Photos: Cody Tilton

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