• Jet Baker

Art Supplies for AGE of Central Texas

I made a delivery of markers, pads of paper, and crayons to AGE of Central Texas's day program for adults with Alshiemers and memory loss.

Today there was a dog birthday party happening when arrived. The little doggie was wearing a birthday hat as the whole room sang Happy Birthday. I never know what the folks will be up to each time I arrive. Activities include music, dance, art, yoga, tai chi and many others. The days at AGE are filled with activities for it's members. The program starts at 9:00 am but some of the members are dropped off as early as 7:30. The early bird activity choices are word searches and coloring. Markers are the favorite art supply here so we always include plenty of markers in our deliveries to AGE of Central Texas.

Research shows that for participants, adult day health programs may:

  • Stabilize medical conditions and reduce hospitalizations

  • Prevent secondary disabilities that result from excessive bed rest or inactivity

  • Lead to improved ability to perform daily activities

  • Increase self-esteem and dignity

  • Increase verbal ability and mobility

  • Elevate mood and improve behaviors

  • Improve nutrition

  • Provide opportunities for friendship and decrease the harmful effects of isolation and loneliness

  • Be something to look forward to

  • Foster a sense of belonging

  • Create a feeling of belonging to a community

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