• Jet Baker

Austin Police Dept. Summer Youth Leadership Program Week 2

Share Art Heal is bringing art to the APD's Youth Summer Camp all month! Today Austin artists Hallie Rae Ward and Saul Jerome San Juan led group art projects with 70 students.

Hallie Rae Ward had a container with many small pieces of paper. Each paper had a positive word written on it. The assignment was to say the word, write the word in marker and decorate the jumbo popsicle sticks with markers and glued on do-dads. The whole room was extremely focused on creating.

Two groups at a time went to the stage to work with S.J. San Juan on the Barton Creek Paintings. Four 36 x 36 canvases along the back wall and four 36 x 36 squares made of photographs on the floor - the students choose a photo, find the corresponding rectangle on the grid then use a black Sharpie to draw the basic lines of part of the paining on the canvas.

S.J. will be back next week so the students can see the art progress and ask questions about the process. Hallie comes back to camp with another project too!

Thank you Share Art Heal volunteers Lynnie, Kem, and Nicole for helping today.



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