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The Long Center Behind the Scenes Tour and Gallery 701 Tour with Hallie Rae Ward

Share Art Heal took APD's Summer Youth Leadership Program on field trip to Austins' Long Center for the Performing Arts on June 23rd. After the photo op in front of the long center the students and chaperones were divided into 2 groups. We planned 2 simultaneous tours! The Long Center staff provided tours of behind the scenes while Hallie Rae Ward talked about her art in the new Gallery 701 in The Long Center. Hallie's exhibit “You & Me: It’s in Our Nature” is the first exhibit in this new art gallery.

Before we split into groups I introduced our special guest Elizabeth Hendley, MA, ATR-BC Art Therapist at Dell Children's Medical Center. The students presented Elizabeth with Share Art Heal Art Experience Kits that they had assembled for patients at the hospital. Elizabeth thanked the them and talked a little about how she uses art with patients and how our art kits are used at the hospital, video here. The students made a 3 month supply of Share Art Heal Art Experience Kits for Dell Children's!

The behind the scenes tour of the Long Center is fascinating. We saw the places only performers and crew usually see. The students were backstage, in the dressing rooms, in the green room and on the stage.

The stage was set for the Austin Symphony so we carefully walked around wires and music stands and chairs to the piano. We'd been instructed to be extra quiet today on stage because the piano was being tuned. We didn't want to disturb him. Then suddenly the piano tuner turned into a teacher giving each group an inspirational impromptu inspirational and aspirational lesson about the building, the stage, and the symphony and all the possibilities. Then he played each group off the stage with a nice upbeat tune. It was so cool and unexpected. Thank you piano man. Thank you Patti Clayton, The Long Center and the volunteers who took time out of their day to show us Austin's world class Long Center for the Performing Arts . When you opened your doors to us and you also opened the eyes and minds of these young leaders of our community. Thank you.

All the students were excited to see Hallie Rae Ward's art in Gallery 701. She'd already been to camp twice with the Positive Pops! project week 2 and the Positive Words collage project week 3. Each group of students filed in to the 701 Gallery, took their seats and saw the art they made with Hallie displayed in the gallery!

Hallie talked about her exhibit "You & Me: It's in Our Nature" She is inspired by nature and her use of mirrors in many of her works brings the viewer right into the piece. She talked about the different materials used in her multi-media artwork. "You can make art out of anything." Hallie you inspired these artists all month. Having their artwork exhibited right next to yours in the brand new Gallery 701 in the Long Center is an accomplishment for all of them. It's also motivation for some of them to continue exploring art. Thank you for sharing your time, teaching, artwork and life lessons with Share Art Heal and the students of APD's Summer Youth Leadership Program.

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