• Jet Baker

Call for Artists

APD, AISD, and the students had such a good experience making art with the Share Art Heal Artists at APD's 2016 Summer Youth Leadership Program that we've been asked to start our art program in March to get students involved early. Thank you Share Art Heal Artists Hallie Rae Ward, Saul Jerome San Juan, Jet Baker and Elizabeth Hendley! What we did at APD's Summer Youth Leadership Program in 2016 was so valuable to the program and the students that it's expanding! Thank you for volunteering your time and sharing your art and your hearts.

We are taking submissions for Central Texas Artists to volunteer your time to share your art medium with the students of APD's Youth Leadership Program at Kealing Middle School.

Share Art Heal provides the art supplies and you lead an art project with 10 - 100 students:

- art projects that can be completed in couple hours or less

- art projects that cam be completed in a half day

- art projects that can be worked on an hour or two one day a week for a few weeks

- group art projects for groups of 10

- group art projects for groups of 25

- individual art projects for 10 - 100 individual artists

- themes of the artwork dovetail with the lessons of leadership program

APD and AISD have asked for some specific mediums for specific projects

- tile/masonry collage

- art with found objects in nature

- We are looking for a variety of art mediums so we want know what art you create and want to share

Email with your project ideas and the cost of a group project for a group of 10 or the cost of 10 individual projects. Please include links to your work.

Share Art Heal Artists complete the City of Austin's background check process with Austin Police Department's Office of Community Liaison.


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