• Jet Baker

APD Art After School Program

The mother of 2 of our students at APD's Summer Youth Leadership Program passed this year. Officer Oakmon the camp leader wanted to do something special for the family so he spoke to Jet about creating a special piece of art for the family. Jet's reply was "Yes, of course we'll create a painting for the family and S.J. San Juan is the perfect artist to lead the project." Last summer S.J. spent many days painting in June with the students making 4 amazing 36 x 36 Greenbelt paintings. See them here. S.J.'s response was the same as Jet's. "Yes, of course I'll lead the project."

We started the project today at APD's after school program. The students are painting flowers, hearts and messages all around the portrait S.J painted. We'll work on this project for several more weeks. Many more students will add their art to the painting filling in all the background area. Then S.J. will finish the piece. We expect 80 to 100 kids in the summer program this year and a lot of them will be adding their message to the painting before it's presented to the family.

This is the definition of Share Art Heal.

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