• Jet Baker

Rebecca Borrelli and Sally Allen at APD's Summer Youth Leadership Program

Our second art project with APD's summer program was drawing Super Heroes because we are all SuperHeroes! Jet Baker (who actually believes we are all SuperHeroes) tested this project in the APD after school program this spring with incredible Earth healing results. Our SuperHereoes were so fantastic that we're going to share them with the world in a book! Our task today for the 100 students was to find your inner SuperHero then draw it coloring book style. We called in the perfect artists, Rebecca Borellli and Sally Allen, to facilitate the project.

Sally led an exercise to help the students find their inner SuperHero with questions like Who is your SuperHero? Who do you want to help and how do you do it? What is your back ground and how did you get your special powers? Who are the real life people in your life that influenced you as a SuperHero? The students wrote on Sally's worksheet answering the questions to create our SuperHero stories.

Rebecca talked to the students about coloring book art and why it's important. Coloring in a coloring book relives stress, is relaxing and fun. She shared a great way to draw figures, Keith Haring style showing the motion of the figures. Rebecca's design checklist included space for practicing drawing symbols, overlapping objects, variety and details.

We can all sleep well tonight knowing we will all be OK. The future is in good hands. These future leaders, these SuperHeroes will make our world better, in real life.

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