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Arnold & Eileen Van Den Berg Painted by S.J. San Juan & the Students of APD's Summer You

As a child Arnold Van Den Berg was smuggled into an orphanage to flee the Nazis. Anne Frank lived on the same street. He shared the story of how his family survived Auschwitz with the students of APD's Summer Youth Leadership Program. His message is "You never give up and quit."

Arnold and his wife Eileen are big financial supporters of APD's Summer Youth Leadership Program. They also provide fresh fruit daily for 100 students, all month. Thank you Arnold and Eileen.

Video of Arnold Van Den Berg telling his story at Texas Lutheran University.

In February Ret. Officer Eric Oakmon asked Jet Baker for an artist recommendation for a commissioned piece of artwork to present to the Van Den Bergs to thank them for their continued support of the APD Summer Youth Leadership Program. "Saul Jerome San Juan, the perfect artist." was Jet's spontaneous reply. S. J. San Juan spent many hours over four weeks at last year's APD camp working with the students and he does beautiful commissioned portraits.

Saul Jerome San Juan created a warm smiling portrait of the Van Den Bergs and brought it to camp for all the students to add their contributions. S.J. spoke to the students about creating a Gustav Klimt effect in the background with everyone adding their touches. The students had individual canvases to paint and to bring home. Group by group the students went to the stage to add their artwork to the portrait. The final painting is incredible, touched by 100s of hands. Thank you S.J. The Van Den Bergs were very touched and sent a thank you not to you and all the students that was read at the ceremony, the family dinner, with parents on the last day of camp.

Photos of the process and the presentation of the painting to Arnold and Eileen Van Den Berg.

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