• Jet Baker

Painting Jet Baker Style at APD's Summer Youth Leadership Program

Jet Baker led a palette knife painting project the 100 students of Austin Police Department's Community Outreach Program. It began with a brainstorming session creating lists of leadership words. Each group chose a word then painted it in a primary color. Next each student painted their name on the world in an analogous color. The palette knives were flying as we filled the backgrounds with positive words then scraped over them. A few hand prints, some more leadership words and the masterpieces were complete.

On the final day of camp after eating a delicious dinner prepared by the APD Outreach Community Liaison board members Jet presented the paintings to the camp leaders. HOPE went to Ms. Dee, LOYALTY to Mama Sharon, ENJOYABLE to Officer Binh Nguyen, and INTEGRITY went to camp leader Ret. Officer Eric Oakmon. Officer Oakmon suggested we give one of the paintings to the Kealing Library who'd hosted the camp for a whole month. Jet asked the students which painting should we give to the library and PEACE was shouted out. As Jet put down the microphone the students started asking "what about the last painting?" Then they started saying 'It's for you Mr. Jet". Thank you students.

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