• Jet Baker

Art Kits for Soldiers at Ft. Hood

Happy Veterans Day. Thank you for your service to all current and former military. We've sent 100 Share Art Heal art kits to the Resiliency Art Room at Ft. Hood. The quiet room at the Apache Arts and Crafts Center at Ft. Hood is stocked art materials for active duty Soldiers to create whatever comes to mind. Soldiers may take their work with them or leave their art work at the center to be displayed and provide inspiration for others.

We've been sending art supplies like canvases and paints and our art kits to the Resiliency Art Room at Ft. Hood since 2014. The feedback has been that the Soldiers like the small size of our art kits and they love the Greeting Card kits. We included a lot of Greeting Card kits this Veterans Day along with Origami and our Silver Lining Bracelet art kits.


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