• Jet Baker

Origami for Everyone at Helping Hand Home

We deliver Share Art Heal art kits to Helping Hand Home throughout the year. This month it's Origami art kits assembled at Art for the People Gallery and by Whole Foods team members. Thank you all!

Helping Hand Home’s Residential Treatment Program provides comprehensive care for children experiencing emotional and behavioral problems so severe that they are unable to remain safe in a home setting and the HHH Foster and Adoption Program places approximately 145 children each year in loving homes, recruits and trains foster families, and facilitates and completes adoptions.

They believe that each child deserves a loving and permanent home. and their goal is to protect and restore the lives of victimized children, so that those without hope can reclaim their futures. They enrich, educate and empower through loving care, professional treatment and innovative services that heal. Including art! Art heals!

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