• Jet Baker

APD Youth Program: You are a Super Hero Project

The Super Heroes of APD's Summer Youth Leadership Program are back to help people, animals and the Earth.

Jet Baker started the Share Art Heal You are a Super Hero Program at APD camp last year. Jet believes we can all be Super Heroes if we try. When humans decide to to good things and work towards accomplishing goals then super things can happen. Real people are Super Heroes. Wonder Woman and Superman and all the film, TV, book and merch Super Heroes are characters in stories for entertainment and inspiration. Real Life is where the rubber hits the road. The bus driver at your school who gets all the kids safely to school and home is a Super Hero for sure. The teachers who grade 30 papers at home every night and help students learn every day are a Super Heroes too.

Last year Jet and Sally Allen helped the students find their inner Super Hero and their mission. Rebecca Borelli taught the students how to draw a good coloring book drawing. They drew their Super Heroes and the Share Art Heal You are a Super Hero Coloring Cards were born. Our Coloring Cards went to patients at Dell Children's Medical Center all year, seniors serviced by Meals on Wheels, Soldiers at Ft. Hood, kids at Helping Hand Home and seniors at AGE of Central Texas. All year the Super Heroes of APD's Summer Youth Leadership Program shared their missions with people of all ages all over Central Texas while bringing awareness to APD's community outreach program. Hundreds of Super Hero Coloring Card art kits were delivered by APD Officers to hurricane evacuees in Corpus Christi. That's some super stuff right there. Good job kids. We even brought our Super Heroes to life on stage last year with help from Toni Brock, Sally Allen and Ian Pala. See the video here and meet The Milkman, The Mistress of Light, Captain Luis and more Super Heroes of APD's Summer Youth Leadership Program.

This year Toni had a great idea to help get the message to the students that the super hero they're creating is actually them. Students traced each other on paper and wrote 5 things they like in their traced shape before they colored their Super Heroes. The life size Super Heroes are posted all over the walls of Kealing Middle School. When camp is over at the end of June each student will take their Super Hero home. The Super Hero Coloring Cards they've created will be shared with people of all ages all year.

Seeing all the good things these students will be doing to help others makes us absolutely confident in the future of humankind and Planet Earth.



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