• Jet Baker

Art Kits for Foster Kids

Art for the People and local Austin artists are generous sponsors of Share Art Heal. A portion of the money from the sale of art from the gallery's Art of Celebration Exhibit earlier this year was donated to Share Art Heal. We use the money to provide our art kits to foster kids at DePelchin Children's Center all year. We have these art kits days quarterly at the gallery then case workers from DePelchin share the art kits with the foster families.

The Austin community makes it all work by assembling the art kits. Thank you everyone who volunteered time to assemble art kits for foster kids.

Here's a note from Depelchin Children's Center to Share Art Heal:

We want to thank you so much for the art kits! We are in full swing providing them to our homes and have gotten great feedback. I wanted to share with you an e-mail that one of our Case Managers wrote after I asked her if she handed it out to one particular home. Here is her response:

I gave it to a lot of kids and they were thrilled! Of note, the “E” kids opened the kits right away and started creating things. “M” was so excited to make a friendship card for her friend Evelyn. “R” on the other hand chose to start on the origami kit. I thought this was a special moment since he had just come back from the psych hospital. He was so happy to get it and was very focused on it. It was a nice moment for us to be together and to see him feel proud of his work. He made an origami dog!

We really appreciate the moments that the kits are creating for us and also the opportunity for it to spark discussions with them about art, healing and connection. I hope we can keep finding ways of working together and making an impact.



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