• Jet Baker

APD LinKS Students Tour Thornton Road Studios

The artists of Thornton Road Studios opened their doors for the students of Austin Police Department Office of Community Liaison LinKS program . The 20 students toured studios of artists working in different mediums. The kids were inspired. The artists enjoyed the experience too! Thank you Mindy Graber for coordinating the artists.

Pottery - Fireseed, Rick Van Dyke, Lacy, Robin

Screen Printing - Antic, Issac

Scupting - Chris Guarino

Photography - Greg Davis, Alva

Metal Sculpting - Sandy Ball Muckletoy

Multi Media - Kairos, Jan Pomeroy

Painting - Christine Gilbert

Mosaic and Resin - Mindy Graber

LinKS is designed to motivate, encourage and challenge high school students to excel above their expectations and reach their goals. The program teaches students how to be leaders in their communities through networking and leadership training.


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