• Jet Baker

Art Kits for Soldiers

The Resiliency Art Room for active duty Soldiers is a quiet room at Ft. Hood stocked with art supplies. Share Art Heal has been sending art supplies and our art kits to Ft. Hood since 2015.

A thank you note from Ft. Hood:

"We received the SHARE ART HEAL kits and think they are wonderful for the much fun packed in a small bag. The Soldiers at Fort Hood are so much in need of more healing craft time. Those who do participate have resounding praises for how it has helped them in their personal and work life. We have had over 8,000 Soldiers utilize the Resiliency Art Room in the past 2 years. We feel it has and IS being successful. Generous donations like yours helps us keep it going. Such a wonderful cause, there is no dollar value you can attach to what we do for these Soldiers...but it is priceless. I thank you so much for helping us keep this program going.

Art is Therapy"

You're welcome Soldiers. Thank you for your service. This month's delivery includes Origami and Silver Lining Bracelet art kits assembled by the students of Austin Police Department Office of Community Liaison Youth Leadership Program. Thank you students! We also sent the Soldiers a case of our Greeting Card kits assembled by Austinites at Art for the People. Thank you Austin!

We are bringing communities together with art.


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