• Jet Baker

APD OCL Student Artwork at Kealing School

In the summer of 2016 Hallie Rae Ward led a collage project with the 100+ students of the Austin Police Department Office of Community Liaison's Summer Youth Leadership Program. The circles containing positive and inspiring words and pictures from nature lined the hallway to the library for 2 years. As of today the artwork has a new home right around the corner. It looks great! Thanks Hallie. Good job students!

Right next to Hallie's project is a new art installation called Our Hearts by the 2018 APD OCL students. This summer Austin artist and Art Therapist at Dell Children's Medical Center Elizabeth Hendley led the students in a print making project. Printmaking was a big hit with the 150+ students so we ran with it and Jet Baker then led the students in paper craft projects using the student prints. The result is original artwork, Our Hearts greeting cards and framed mini hearts that are so cool and so original that they are now for sale in an art gallery. Awesome accomplishment students! Our Hearts greeting cards and framed mini hearts are to available to purchase at Art for the People Gallery 1711 S. 1st St. Austin. And as of today Our Hearts are also on the walls on Kealing!

It's the first week of school. Make the most of it all y'all.


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