• Jet Baker

Art Supplies for Soliders

We've been sending art supplies to Soldiers at Ft. Hood since 2014. Ft. Hood was one of the first Army bases to have a Resiliency Art Room for active duty Soldiers. This month we've sent 24 wood frames, 50 Coloring Cards, 50 Origami and 50 Silver Lining Bracelet art kits. Feedback from Ft. Hood is that the Soldiers love the size of our art kits. Each kit contains the art supplies needed to complete an art project in a clear card size envelope.

There is a lot of art happening in the Apace Arts Center at Ft. Hood:

The Resiliency Through Art Program

The room offers a quiet area with all the art materials for Soldiers to create whatever comes to mind. Offered to all active duty Soldiers for free during the weekday until 5 p.m., just sign in at the Hobby Heaven Sales Store. Soldiers may take their work with them or leave it at the center to be displayed and provide inspiration for others.

- Craft Kits: Wood and leather project

- Pens, pencils, markers and all types of paper

- Paints, chalks and clays

- Beads and feathers, buttons, yarn and thread

Hobby Heaven

This is a one-stop arts and crafts supply store. They offer ceramic slip, paints and glazes, stained glass, scrapbooking supplies, NFL craft items and various craft tools.

Multi-Crafts Shop

The unique shop offers a wide variety of custom-made, laser-engraved, hand-crafted plaques. They are able to engrave on many materials including wood, acrylic, glass and leather.

Screen Printing Shop

They can screen print any design on t-shirts or tote bags. The shop can design something for you or, you can bring your own design in.

Embroidery Department

They can scan, digitize and embroider your own design or logo for you and your company with a wide variety of shirts, hats and aprons in stock. Embroidery can be done on polos, t-shirts, hats, jackets, baby blankets, golf bags, aprons, and towels. Custom made Guidons are their specialty. Monogramming, heat transfers, sewing and embossing are available.

Ceramic Department

Over 6,000 molds to choose from. The shop is available for patrons to pour, clean, fire, glaze and paint in a pleasant atmosphere. Instructors are on hand to assist with your ceramic needs. Banners, magnets, stained-glass and glass etching services are also available.

Framing Department

They offer custom framing.

Wood Shop

The wood shop is currently under renovation of the dust collection system.


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