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Art Therapist Elizabeth Hendley at APD's Youth Leadership Program

Elizabeth Hendley, the Art Therapist at Dell Children's Medical Center led our art project today at the Austin Police Department Youth Leadership Program. Her print making was so popular last year we decided to make prints again.

She began the session by talking to the students about how she uses art with patients at Dell Children's hospital. "Sometimes there are not a lot of choices in life or in the hospital but art is full of choices. Patients can choose the kind of art hey want to make and they can even say "no" I don't want to make art today. That's not a choice you can make with the doctor." Empowering a patient to make choices is part of her therapy. Art can also help relieve the boredom of a hospital stay and help us share feelings we find hard to express in words.

Last year we made our prints into greeting cards and framed mini hearts. Our framed mini hearts and greeting cards are sold at at Art for the People Gallery and at the gift shop at Miraval Spa in Austin. The money from the sale of the artwork goes back to the APD program. Great job students. Austin likes your art and is buying it. Thank you Austin!

The artwork turned out fantastic. Thank you Elizabeth for spending the day with us.

I met Elizabeth the week I started Share Art Heal and she has been advising us and volunteering with us ever since. You are a good friend and a wonderful human being.

Here's an interview with Elizabeth Hendley - The Power of Art Therapy

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