• Jet Baker

Woven Art at APD's Youth Leadership Program

Monday, the first day of camp I showed the students my tie dyed water color technique and we practiced it a lot. Each student painted at lease 4 sheets.The results were beautiful. Perfect, so I instructed the team leaders to shred them. That's right, all the tie dyed masterpieces were cut into 1 inch strips.

Today the students wove the bright tie dyed watercolor paper strips into our Tie Dyed Woven Watercolors. These will hang in the school library this month and go home with the students when camp is over. Each piece of artwork is made with the cool paper their friends created, woven together into this new collaborative creation.

This project is a metaphor for what happens each June when the student leaders from different middle schools meet together at the Austin Police Department Youth Leadership Program. Most of these students are from 3 middle schools that feed into Juan Navarro High School. The APD High School Youth Program is based out of Navarro High School.


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