Tom V.

Mount Fuji & Flowers

Watercolor on paper

Bethel Israel's Circle of Friends
Mobile Art Program


Tom V. is living with Alzheimer's. The Mobile Art Program spends 4 days every week creating art with Tom and seniors like him at Bethel Israel's Circle of Friends and 12 other facilities in Austin.


Mobile Art Program was one of Share Art Heal's first donees. We are committed to supporting Mobile Art Program by donating art supplies throughout the year. 

The Mobile Art Program delivers art activities to seniors and adults with disabilities living in Austin, Texas. MAP provides people with ways to cope with what is happening in their lives. Art becomes the vehicle for expression, developing relationships, as well as for integrating experiences that may be difficult to understand.


Their goals are to improve the lives of seniors and disabled adults by giving them an outlet for creative expression. They restore self-esteem, build friendships, and increase their cognitive skills leading to stabilization in overall health. The Mobile Art Program concentrates their efforts in low-income areas of the city.  

This painting is graciously donated to Share Art Heal and will be included in our Silent Auction at our Benefit September 13th at Art For The People Gallery in Austin.  Thank you Tom V. and Mobile Art Program.